Woo! Passed NCLEX first try!

  1. I haven't posted a lot on this website. But read many useful posts in this forum that were really beneficial. So I really thank those on this forum who shared their input on tips for success.

    I saw my name on the BRN website with my license number and just got my CA RN license in the mail. Super happy! I totally thought for sure I failed after walking out of the examination room.

    I must say, I really felt that the Kaplan review materials were really helpful--especially the Kaplan review online--this was a part of the curriculum in the nursing program of my school. $400 added to tuition; but I felt it was worth it. The review questions were so much similar to the NCLEX type questions I did in the exam than Saunders. Although, I felt Saunders was also really good for reviewing comprehensive topics.

    Now I have two licenses to hold in my wallet. This is definitely the most exciting part in my life so far along with graduating nursing school. Nursing school definitely wasn't easy. And especially with little confidence--it was a lot more of a struggle for me to get through. Never thought I could make it this far. Never thought I could do it. But I did. And I couldn't have done it alone. I'm very grateful to have so many supporting friends and family in my life

    And now... the hardest part. Finding a job. Eek. California really doesn't have a lot of openings at this point in time. Hopefully with persistence, I will find something to gain more experience.

    For all those preparing to take the NCLEX, you can do it! Breathe and don't forget to take time to self-care! Whether you pass or not on the first try, don't lose hope. Just get back up and try again until you succeed Because you will. Keep positive thoughts. Good luck everyone!

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  3. by   Ambition13
    Congrats!! Good luck to us both with the job search, I'm from Cali too
  4. by   swansonplace
    Thank you, and congrats.
  5. by   Alaxamana
    When did you take the NCLEX and when did you get your results? I took mine June 25th and still no results.
  6. by   nursemami4
    Congrats WTG
  7. by   ann915
    "When did you take the NCLEX and when did you get your results? I took mine June 25th and still no results."

    What state did you take it in? I took mine on the 10th of July. They told me it takes at least a month (this is in California); or I could wait two days and pay to get quick results. But, what I did was look up my name on the CA BRN website to verify my license after two days I took my exam--and it was there. I think you could do this with any state BRN website--they're usually updated before you get your results in the mail (check it after 2-3 days after you took the exam). Here's the link to verify your license on the CA BRN if you took it in California:

    Board of Registered Nursing - Permanent License Verification

    And a week after checking my name in the website, I got my license in the mail. You could also try the Pearson View Trick; but I'm not sure if that is really official. Try not to worry too much though. I think sometimes it takes a while for results to be updated for some. Not sure why, but states are sometimes weird with the kind of technicalities they encounter
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  8. by   Nurse2b7337
    Congrats to you!!!

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