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I'll be taking the nclex-RN on april 10, 2013. I know that they'll be raising the passing scores but there were no available test dates in my are for this march. I've been reviewing for months though... Read More

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    Thanks guys. But the q trainer i've been using is really outdated. It doesn't have any sata. I bought the latest kaplan strategies to avail their sample online q bank, and much to my frustrations, i only got 7 correct answers out of 25 for their alternative questions. it was really hard. I did la charity, got 70-80%, never reached the case studies though. i've been trying 300 questions a day. and right now, i just really feel exhausted and my eyes hurt a lot. Sure, I'll let you know my experience.
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    Thanks for the encourage hung, it really help me a lot. Anyway i got 3 weeks more before taking the exam, when u prepared for the exam did u tried answering other Q&A? Im afraid there would be a lot of SATA in my test which i am very weak at. I really hate SATA..

    Which state are u by the way? are u a chinese? I can't send u a pm already it says ur inbox seems full.
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    I cleared my inbox
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    WE NEED TO BE CONFIDENT....well, as long as we study enough. I keep reading the report from Pearson Vue about the new changes and they basically raised the percentage. the test is the same. Like my boyfriend says OVER-STUDYING is never bad.

    I was scheduled for APRIL 3. but i dont know how ,I found an opening for MARCH 28. when i went there this march my ID and my ATT letter were not exactly the same. I could not take my test...I was devastated.....SO....I had to pay again 200 and reschedule ( it was quite a journey) My test is what i feared the most in APRIL.

    FOR ALL OF YOU. be focused and relaxed on your test. BRAKE A LEG !!!
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    SATA-select all that apply
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    Im Taking Mine April 17Th!! Good Luck!!
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    my friend had his test on tuesday april 9th. he passed. he had 265 questions. he is so happy now !!!
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    Quote from maggie1989
    my friend had his test on tuesday april 9th. he passed. he had 265 questions. he is so happy now !!!
    How did your friend say the test was?
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    he said he was mentally and physically exhausted. he had a lot of my biggest fear now, SATA questions, and as you can imagine in 265 questions a little bit of evertyhting and vey similar to KAPLAN questions. That is what we used to study for NCLEX. Every resource from KAPLAN.
    Hope that helps. I know we are all nervous and want to know.
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    how did you do NELIZTANEE ????
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