Why the PVT Trick Works.....

  1. It makes perfect sense that the "trick" would work. Pearson Vue knows if you passed or failed right away. They send that info to your BON. Each state is different with how they distribute results (and how long it takes). Pearson Vue can't keep track of how and when every state does this for every candidate. How would they know how long the post office in your area takes and how backed up your board is?? Can you see Pearson Vue getting calls or e-mails from each board on each candidate?... "You can make the CC screen available for Jack Jones now. We finally mailed him a letter at 3pm today to let him know he failed" lol. That would be insane! They are just a testing company that handles MANY different kinds of test. For all they know, those who have failed have already received their results and need to re-test, so they allow them to pay and re-register. They had to program their website to stop passers from paying and re-registering. If they didn't they would be issuing refunds left and right to people who passed but paid to re-register and didn't need to. It's simple computer programming. And thank the Lord for that cause waiting sucks!! With the exception of a computer glitch I would bet money it's always accurate. Computers don't discriminate.

    Cheers and congrats to all the receivers of the "good pop up"!! For those who get the CC screen keep your head up! You CAN do this! If you made it through nursing school you can do anything you put your mind to! It's a blessing in disguise. You can continue studying which will hopefully prevent some loss of knowledge that could have occured while you were waiting for results. And if your broke (like I am) it's gives you a heads up so you can start budgeting for that re-test. Don't give up!
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  3. by   Schizoh
    this is true.

    but most of the test takers that got a good pop up are still anxious bugging this site making threads if its really true coz they got it. well they always need the word YES IT'S TRUE to relieve the anxiety.lol.
  4. by   JJCakesVN
    I know I'm one of them!! lol. I think I wrote this to try to ease my mind. I took my NCLEX on May 25th in CA and keep getting the good pop up but am still waiting impatiently for my results :P My husband and I got in to a lonnng convo about why the PVT works the other night (he's a computer software programmer) and I was just sharing
  5. by   nurselm84
    I took mine the same day as u got a good pop out I kept checking my mail everyday still no result do u know how long will it take ., my anxiety is killing me
  6. by   lilium1214
    I just took my nclex pn on August 13th in california. Does the pvt work the same day you take the test or do you have to wait a week in california?
  7. by   AheleneRN
    Quote from lilium1214
    I just took my nclex pn on August 13th in california. Does the pvt work the same day you take the test or do you have to wait a week in california?
    The Pvt works the same day, even within minutes after taking the exam.
  8. by   lilium1214
    Thats good news thanks for replying........ i keep checking everyday and im still getting the good pop up so fingers crossed
  9. by   chosen50
    Seems like CA is having issues with the timing of names showing up on the BON site..I sure hope the PVT is accurate in CA.
  10. by   mlak
    I just did PVT and I got the good pop-up (contact your member of board) .. is this mean I passed????