What is LPN/LVN scope of practice?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I really need help in understanding the scope of practice of LPN/LVN, nursing assistants, CNA, etc. I graduated from outside the country, which makes it hard cause I don't know what the setting is like here in US.

    I am to take NCLEX next month. I was answering questions in LaCharity book, and I couldn't get some of the questions right because I don't understand the scope of practice of LPN/LVN vs. Nursing assistants.

    Is there any book or resource that you recommend for me to read, so I would have a better understand about this topic?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   jayz1989
    Nursing assistant can only do the standard routine. Without using assessment, teaching and evaluation. nA can take vs, urine specimens, and assist patient from their daily livings. Nursing assistant help the client by feeding, bathing , help them to ambulate, turn the patient. Lpa also can pass meds, gather data, reinforce teaching after the RN educate the client. Just remember, if the question needs assessment,evaluation, teaching, unstable client.nurse should be responsible with that client. Loan should take care with chronic and stable patient.