What are the chances of me passing the nclex PN with 85 questions? What are the chances of me passing the nclex PN with 85 questions? | allnurses

What are the chances of me passing the nclex PN with 85 questions?

  1. 0 So I just took the Nclex PN this morning, as soon as I got home I went on the computer to try the pearson vue trick (within 2hrs after completing the exam) So the computer shut off on me at 85 questions, needless to say I've got a stomach ache now. so i read a few postings about trying to re-register to take the exam and about the pop up. I got a pop up but it doesn't read what all the other postings says, mine read "our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time" So of course I'm freaking out, but I do have a bit of hope because it didn't bring me to the credit card page. So my question is, is it too soon to re register or do I actually have a chance of passing with this pop up? Just to let you know im from MA. Date taken 07/18/2013

    Please respond asap, i need a bit of hope. Thank you
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    Congrats! That is the same pop up I got.. and just found out via quick results that I passed and am now a RN!!
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    It doesn't matter what # of questions you stop at. That pop up IS what all the others say if you "passed."
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    When I got licensed as an LPN my NCLEX shut off at 85 & I passed
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    sounds like you may have passed Congrats.
    Would you mind sharing what was on the test? I have to take my nclex exam next month and I am freaking out and psyching myself out. I need a little insight.
    -Thank you
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    You aren't allowed to disclose what's on the test. You can have your license revoked.
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    I got the minimum with my PN and RN. Good luck!