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Hello all!! This is my SECOND, yes, SECOND time to take the wonderful NCLEX. Two months ago I took this exam for the first time. Walked in somewhat nervous, but okay overall. My computer shut off... Read More

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    praying for me, i did my exam yesterday I had a lot of Meds, SATA . Am clueless right now am so scared to do PVT. am feeling sick. and I dont know how Califonia board of Nursing works. so I just have to wait.

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    I took my exam today...265 questions, almost running of time. I had 15 mins. remaining and i have to finish 265 questions otherwise i'm gonna be in trouble as it is really hard to pass when you run out of time. was a mixture of moderate to severe kind of questions. I an hesitant to do the trick as i did it before and got very disaapointed with the result. Is getting the last question correct means there is a chance to pass?
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    Quote from SavShaneyfelt
    Hello all!! This is my SECOND, yes, SECOND time to take the wonderful NCLEX. Two months ago I took this exam for the first time. Walked in somewhat nervous, but okay overall. My computer shut off at 75 and everyone, including myself, was screaming YOU PASSED!!! Well my board of nursing was screaming the tune of, YOU FAILED!!! So, needless to say, I had to take the exam again. So yesterday, I am throwing up (literally) on my way to the exam. I am LATE because I cannot stop throwing up. Well, I finally make it in and it takes me 2 1/2 hours to answer 75 questions. I mean I am going TURTLE slow here. After I see question 77, I opt to take a break. Well, I come back from break only to have my computer shut off at question 88! I have never heard on ANYONE having 88 questions (pass or fail). I had soooo many SATA, infection control, and medication questions that I could have died right there. I had like one SATAs on my previous exam and about 20-30 on this one. I am so scared to do the pearsonvue cheat thing and my state does not participate in the quick results. Could anyone PLEASE give me their opinion about how I did this second time around? I am praying that there is some way that I passed. Much love and many Blessing to you all!!!!
    I know how you feel, and i pray u passed, i have taken it several times and not successful, and i finally took it again, not sure of results, because i took it a few days after christmas and dont know if it will take longer . I dont want to pay for 799 again to be disappointed, i have prayed and prayed for my nursing career to finally happen. Its very upsetting when you dont pass , especially when it becomes a few more than expected and it gets expensive, so if i didnt i will be heart broken , but i cant afford to do it any more, and it is emotionally draining me. I am trying to stay positive. I took my exam for tn, i dont know how soon they post on their site that you are licensed, but it says 7 days after mailed... but most of those days have been holidays. So i am praying that i finally receive good news this yr. I would love to start off with a new beginning.. It has been tough the last few.

    I wish i could have a fortune teller to tell me the truth and know the facts, that i passed. LOL,, i stopped at 75, again, I just feel in my heart that this is what i was supposed to do, an that god wouldnt have let me continue college for RN if it was not supposed to be. I Love taking care of people, and when i was able to be on the flour for the 6 months , i was so happy to go to work and see my patients and know that they loved seeing you to make them feel better. And sometimes, it was just a face that made them feel good. It is amazing feeling. I loved it. So anyway, i am annoying..Good luck I will say a prayer for you as well
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    CONGRATS!!! I did the PVT and worked for me Im a believer in it, 2 other friends did the PVT as well and it worked

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