Took nclex today!!!

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    75 questions, at least 20 of them were sata, and after about 60 most of them were management questions, when the computer shut off I reared up, felt like a FAILURE! I went to my car and did the Pearson Vue trick and got the good pop up!!
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    I just got home from mine.. had about 140 questions. Maybe 15-20ish SATA and I'm sooo nervous to check the PVT!!!
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    Got the good pop-up..
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    Yay!!! Congrats!!!
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    Yay!! Congrats!
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    Wow congrats u both!!!! How was it overall?!?
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    What did u guys study?! Or use
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    I didn't think it was horrible or anything, it definitely required my critical thinking skills though! I highly recommend using lacharity, Saunders and Hurst. Aside from nursing school those were the only study guides I used, I felt very prepared.
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    How long after should you trust the "good pop up"? I took mine this morning too and I got the "good" pop up after doing the Pearson trick.

    Is this 100% accurate? Is this real? :O
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    Thank you and congrats oklahomagal!!

    I think my nerves got the best of me but I would definitely study content along with questions rather than just doing questions. I used Saunders, Lacharity, and Lippincott Q&A.

    I'm really hoping the PVT is accurate but I won't believe it till I actually see my results.
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