Took NCLEX today....

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    I got done in a little less than 2 hours (1st break hadn't been given yet) and came straight home (about 10 minutes away) and got the good popup. That was stressful! Now to wait and hope on the official results!! I already had a job so I am so thankful that I (unofficially) passed! I had like 78 questions. OMG so much stress!!!!

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    I just took the nclex right now and I am feeling miserable. The exam stopped at 115 questions. I felt that I was getting a few questions wrong one after another. I am trying to be patient and am afraid of trying the Pearsonvue trick. Need to find a way to relax and calm my nerves but I have already accepted that I may need to take it again.
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    Congratulations & please share your study regimen @havemercy21 I'm sure you did just fine. Have Faith in yourself. Praying for passing results for you.
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    You should do the pearsonvue trick (or have someone else do it for you!) I couldn't wait! I am still kinda not wanting to celebrate until I officially hear, but a lot of my classmates have had their names on the BON the next day so hopefully tomorrow I'll know.
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    I can't believe the way im feeling--totally sick to my stomach and straight up anxious. I'm just afraid that the pvt result is wrong
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    I took mine today too and got the good pop up. 75 questions in 45 minutes.. but it was hard!!! I definitely don't want to celebrate until I see the official results. I feel like it's too good to be true!
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    How long after finishing the exam did you wait to check the pvt
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    I studied with Hurst and did Kaplan questions. It was less than 20 minutes from when I finished my test to when I did the trick.
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    I walked out of the exam and checked in my car. I made sure it said "delivery successful" first. I've also checked twice since then and got the good pop up.
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    Sorry I am so paranoid! So if it takes you to the payment screen, that means you've failed? And If you passed, it says what?

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