Took NCLEX-RN on October 2nd, Got good Pop up & Passed with 75 questions. My advice. - page 3

First of all, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has posted any form of information and tips of how they passed the NCLEX. I used this site on a regular basis to keep me informed about the NCLEX-RN. Tools & Tips for... Read More

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    As I can assume, I should focus on priorities without cramming diseases and pharmacology, right?

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    thank you so much for your response,,, really thank you,... and since nursing really is a broad topic, dont know where to focus, i bought the book of saunders compre and q and a,, im planning to buy the PDA lacharity if it helps. thanks !
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    Reading your story actually gives me some relief! I was starting to freak out because so far I've read people using multiple companies as resources for both questions and content review. I too am using Kaplan..and am in the process of redoing my question trainers (just making sure that I learned from those rationales). So far the 5-7 classmates of 45 who have taken the exam have all passed (we graduated August 6th 2013), so...i feel the pressure!!! I've been studying for 2 weeks now (exam is in 4 wks) and I've done 1323 Qs so far (not including the random 500 I did in my last semester of school). I review all of the rationales to all of my questions whether or not i got them right or wrong..I look up terms and concepts that I do not understand, right away; I even listen to review videos and media files while I shower, use the bathroom, wash dishes, etc. I hardly go out except when I have work, and I have been pretty devoted to my set study schedule. I've managed to lose the anxiety I had from feeling rushed while taking these trainers, in addition to being able to accurately remember Kaplan's test-taking strategies (decision tree, therapeutic communication dos and donts, and the "who do we see first?"). I have to admit that I think I've narrowed down what I have left to work on and I think it comes down to pure content...I am not fully comfortable with the foundation I have right now, but I have learned a lot in these past two weeks. I am a combination learner, I need audio, visual, and I read the rest...quite honestly I am remembering more from these Kaplan videos than any other I foolish for just relying on these videos? I know they take about 4-6 hrs each topic..but are they good enough? Maybe I am over-thinking, maybe I already am on the right track, and maybe I am doubting myself and my capabilities...I just need reassurance at this point to keep my confidence and to keep on going.
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    Congrats are inspiring!
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    Congratulations! Took mine yesterday and got the good pop up. I feel like I'm reading my whole experience in yours. It was just like that.
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    Congrats RN!! Beautiful story
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    Congratulations RN, It is great post. I am study for my NCLEX exam also, and your post gave me a lot of tips. If you don't mind can you please post the pictures of the front covers of the books. I would really appreciate. Thanks
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    Congrats! ! I'm so happy for you. Well, I will be taking Nclex in two weeks. I'm really nervous. I failed the first time. I used Kaplan. But I'm hoping for a positive outcome this time. I have no choice but to pass, lost my current job because they were downsizing. Please pray for me. I will keep working hard and keep studying until I pass. Thank you

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