took nclex rn today

  1. 100 something questions
    Pearson vue trick is giving me the good pop up....
    Dont want to be too excited. ...and just a note to all of you looking to schedule..dont take a friday exam..I didnt realize id have to wait all weekend for results. Oh well!!

    Really trying to keeo calm and act normal and not like an anxious mess....this is going to be a long weekend! Anyone else take boards on soon did it take for you to receive results?
    Im in KY and we do have quick result option, but it hasnt shown up yet.

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  3. by   i<3u
    Great job! I had nearly 150 and I'm getting the good pop up. I feel like I guessed on majority of them. We'll see...because I won't believe it til I see my license #.
  4. by   Monae2003
    Congrats!!! What did you use to study?
  5. by   namaste211
    I feel the same EXACT way about the guessing! I hope we passed

    And yes, for some reason....i need to hear it from the BON or PearsonVue.
  6. by   namaste211
    Quote from Monae2003
    Congrats!!! What did you use to study?
    My school used ATI from the beginning so I stuck with that. I took the 3 day ATI Live Review Course and also did the Virtual ATI coaching system. Then my ATI coach sent me a million extra practice exams. I Also used Saunders and Exam Cram - but mostly when I was on the go, or too tired to take practice exams.

    I like ATI a lot and felt that it made taking the exam today much less stressful! I was expecting a lot of difficult questions, but it was pretty comparable to ATI....I also studied a bunch since March and went into hibernation mode this last week....400 questions a day - maybe more.

    I cant wait for this to be over and have my life back!