Took nclex-rn today and got kicked out at 122

  1. Did anyone ever pass with getting kicked off the exam at 122 questions? I tried the pearson vue and it says the candidate currently has test results on hold. Please help dying here
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  3. by   AgentBeast
    The number of questions means nothing. It only means the computer couldn't say with 95% certainty that you had passed or failed at 75 questions so it kept throwing questions at you until it could. Whether or not you passed or failed nobody can say at this point. Since the "results on hold" popup can mean any number of things.
  4. by   flowervilet15
    did you have a lot of SATA questions?
  5. by   dexapn
    I think it doesnt matter how many question you end up doing..took my exam ended 170 with only 23 satas too so was wondering if I really pass..i got the good up,but still nervous..just pray...