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Took NCLEX-RN Today - page 2

Hello to all, Little bit of back round... I have been an LPN since 6/2009 I work at a clinic, when I took NLCEX-PN, I was too scared to do the PVT. I Thought it was very hard test, no way I could... Read More

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    I think this calls for a celebration!Congratulations for passing
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    Lol! I agree k.durham91! I remember that was the worst thing ever! I found myself actually stalking the mailman! haa ha! you will be fine im sure! good luck to you. just remember, it is already done so try not to give yourself panic attacks. find something to occupy your time, away from the mailbox and before you know it you will have your results in your hand.
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    The trick is 100% true as everyone says. I found out today through BON at 735am and Pearsonvue (yes l also paid the 8$) that I passed! I dont have a license number yet though?? yay! Im so glad the agony is over and the studying. Good luck to those who still have to take it. Hang in there. You can do it!