Took Nclex RN today! Got good pop up!!!

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    Hi all I took my test today.... I wasn't sure how I was doing.. I had a ton of SATA and I've never been really great at them so I was scared! It took me an hr and a half and at 76 questions I got shut off! I've tried the PVT a few times and have gotten the good pop up!! Im sooo happy that its over but still not feeling 100% confident that PVT is true even after all the success stories I've seen! Its gonna be a nervous 48 hrs waiting to see my unoffical results!
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    Awesome!!! Congrats to you..
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    Congrats RN!!!
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    congrats! what are the review material you used?
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    congrats. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
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    Thanks everyone!! Is It safe to say that I def passed with PVT?!!! Because im still super nervous that it wont be true! Lol
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    Mimiandrews I primarily used the virtual ati program. It was a ton of work but it was so worth it, it really helped me get stronger in areas I wasn't so great in. I supplemented with kaplan review book and PDA.. thats about it! I was at it for a good two months though. Feels so good to be over!
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    Congratulations!!!! Did the PDA book really help? I have one yet to use it though.... 1st semester senior still pretty busy with presentations, papers, you know, anyway Congratulations again
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    Congrats!! What's sata and pvt? Sorry new nursing student!!

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