Took Nclex RN today! Got good pop up!!! Took Nclex RN today! Got good pop up!!! | allnurses

Took Nclex RN today! Got good pop up!!!

  1. 1 Hi all I took my test today.... I wasn't sure how I was doing.. I had a ton of SATA and I've never been really great at them so I was scared! It took me an hr and a half and at 76 questions I got shut off! I've tried the PVT a few times and have gotten the good pop up!! Im sooo happy that its over but still not feeling 100% confident that PVT is true even after all the success stories I've seen! Its gonna be a nervous 48 hrs waiting to see my unoffical results!
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    Awesome!!! Congrats to you..
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    Congrats RN!!!
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    congrats! what are the review material you used?
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    congrats. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
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    Thanks everyone!! Is It safe to say that I def passed with PVT?!!! Because im still super nervous that it wont be true! Lol
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    Mimiandrews I primarily used the virtual ati program. It was a ton of work but it was so worth it, it really helped me get stronger in areas I wasn't so great in. I supplemented with kaplan review book and PDA.. thats about it! I was at it for a good two months though. Feels so good to be over!
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    Congratulations!!!! Did the PDA book really help? I have one yet to use it though.... 1st semester senior still pretty busy with presentations, papers, you know, anyway Congratulations again
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    Congrats!! What's sata and pvt? Sorry new nursing student!!
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    Sata is select all that apply questions and pvt is a special trick you can do to find out the eaeliest if you passed your nclex. You will learn all about It once you graduate and get ready to take you nclex! Good luck to you on your journey!
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    hey there! remember me? congrats!! we had the same exam date.