Took NCLEX-RN today, tried pearson trick.... - page 2

So I took NCLEX-RN today and it was really tough. It cut off at 85 questions and I had a lot of SATAs, I walked out of there feeling defeated and I got home and tried the pearson trick and this is... Read More

  1. by   Tokidoki
    Thank you! nurse:
  2. by   Oldmalenursestudent
    Took my PN Nclex yesterday, cut off at 85, the minimum for PN, had a ton of select all that apply, several priority questions and several drug questions About meds I had no idea about. Did the trick and got the good page, sweating it out until 48 hours to check the unofficial results. I was told that the harder questions you get, the higher level you are on and the better chance of passing. My classmate took 145 questions that she said were easier then mine. She passed.
  3. by   Oldmalenursestudent
    A quick note on the trick, be sure that account page says that your results were successfully sent before attempting the trick. I had to wait several hours before trying the trick while my classmate was able to try in 30 minutes after her test.
  4. by   lisy321
    I can say that the PVT worked for me.... I just found out I passed!!!!!!!!!