Took the Nclex PN today - page 2

Took my PN boards today!! I am almost certain that I failed!!! I had so many SATA questions it was ridiculous!! I went online to check for the PVT and I am unable to register and it tells me to contact the BON!! Just wondering... Read More

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    Ive always been told if you walk out crying, you more than likely passed and if you walked out thinking it wasn't so bad, you probably failed. I walked out almost bawling I thought I did so bad. Sure enough 2 days later I found out I passed through quick results. I didn't know about the PVT when I took my NCLEX...bummer!

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    Congratulations! It's 100 % accurate. I just took my test on the 17th, had the same pop up, I passed.
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    Thank You!!! I am sooo late!! congrats to you as well!!

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