Today is the day! Just 3 hours until the NCLEX-RN exam!

  1. 0 Hello everyone. I can't believe It's actually 3 hours until my NCLEX-RN exam. You guys are really awesome! Reading the posts on this site has been sooo helpful with calming my nerves, however I can't help but be anxious at this point. I used Kaplan live class, the Qtrainers and Qbanks as my study reference. My diagnostic was 62, readiness 67, QT 6 was 68, Qbank average was 61% only completing 64% of the question bank. I'm nervous because I wasn't able to do QT 7.... Any last minute advice, pointers, or words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated at this time...OMG!
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    You got this! Let us know when you get the good pop-up!
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    I took mine today and it cut off at 75 questions and I did the Pearson vue trick and I got the good pop-up! Fingers are still crossed! Good luck 2 u!
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    Thanks ladies!! Just pulled into Pearson View parking lot, fingers crossed!!
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    Congrats!!!!!! tested on the 10th don't think I was so lucky.
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    Thanks! After having the results on hold for a miserable 24hr I finally got the good pop-up. I'm a RN!
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    I am taking it for the third time next month I did kaplan scored in the 60's did saunders been scoring in 60s as well idk what to do ?
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    If your Kaplan scores were in the 60's, you should be fine. Kaplan is very similar to NCLEX from the style of questions up to the actual appearance of the computer screen. Just keep practicing questions and analyze the questions as to what are they asking for and the rationales. Also practice SATA questions. For my NCLEX, the content was basic nursing, things we have learned in our nursing program. Also, relax...I know easier said than done right. Good luck to you and keep us posted, you can do it!

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