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any last advice for me? im burnt out on studying... This time I've mainly used exam cram, lacharity, and kaplan nclex-rn. i'd be lying if I said i wasn't nervous and really worried. :crying2: ... Read More

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    How was your test? I hope all went well. All the best.
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    You passed just trust God! Your name will be on the BON.
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    I've just read from a few getting' results on hold' 'delivery successful'...and checking the PVT after 2days they passed. You got high hopes.
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    Well it still says the same, can't register as test results on hold, delivery successful... I tested at 2pm yesterday.

    There were definitely some things I got wrong but I didn't feel as anxious as previous attempts. I did get all 265 q's again though...
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    we are same boat,and praying again......
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    I am so very proud to say I passed!!! I cried when I got my results. This is my dream. Thank you all for your kind words and for putting up with my anxiety!

    I will be dropping off my stethoscope to add RN onto my name now.
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    hi imjustme which state did u came from? i also took the exam that day same time but i finished around 8pm in california. i also got magical pop up. i was worried coz i didnt see my name.
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    @ ImJustMe - Congratulations!!!! Yay! Can't wait to get my results! I got the good pop up too!
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    congrats guys!!!!!!!!!!!
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    All the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!