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this is my first time posting a thread. i had been just lurking around the forum for information for the past few months. i have read a lot of discussions about how others passed their nclex and some... Read More

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    Quote from MisterChips
    Hi. I just took the exam this morning and when i got home, i did the pvt and it got me to the cc page. I stopped at 85 with prio and sata questions. I really felt good about the exam but i am disappointed with the pvt. Does this mean i really failed the exam?
    please waait for official resultsgood luck

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    Congrats icare24. I'm so proud of you. Kindly give me the information concerning free LaCharity where you found it on this website. My e-mail is Thanks
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    congratulations! thats a very inspiring one! God is Good all the time!
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    Hi Congratz on passing the NCLEX.
    I was wondering where did you find the LaCharity free on this website.
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    Most of those materials are very helpful, however I would also add the kaplan strategies book (the thin one), and the NCSBN Review extension found here... NCSBN Learning Extension . NCLEX preparation . Continuing Education for Nurses . Nursing Faculty Education . I highly recommend just doing as many practice questions as possible and if you see a trend of questions you're getting incorrect review that particular topic. Don't forget to take a small break the day before the exam and do a small warm-up activity the day of the test so you're ready to go! If you made it through nursing school alive then thats more than half the battle to passing nclex! I just passed on Saturday and got my license number this morning! Keep calm & Nurse On!!

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