The Dreaded NCLEX-PN; to be or not to be?

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    In a world where one student has known nothing else but nursing; there comes that moment when a test defines if you PASS or FAIL. Such a dreaded test, but is it really all they make it seem to be. In this article, I fill you in on helpful tips and advice on how to tame the "beast".

    The Dreaded NCLEX-PN; to be or not to be?

    We enter nursing school with an open mind, and open heart. There is this determination that is instilled in every nursing student when they receive that call, or that letter; letting us know we have been accepted into a nursing program.

    It begins, the journey begins. The journey to become a "nurse" such a prideful and meaningful moment, and even more meaningful when it is done right. Of course, in order to get to this point in our journey we must first learn to study and get through nursing school.

    Getting through nursing school varies for every individual, and for me I will gladly describe my experiences with you. I attended a 1 year LVN nursing program, we consisted of 18 students and 4 lovely instructors. Studying was tedious, day in and day out. Test's everyday. Just waiting for that ultimate moment when we could say, "we made it!"

    Soon enough, nursing school has been done. Now, NCLEX. The dreaded NCLEX.

    Well, how did I study? I will let you know how I passed the NCLEX with 96 questions.

    I studied for about 1 1/2 months. Consistently. I purchased NCLEX SAUNDERS and read every page, from front to back. Reviewed NCLEX questions night and day. Questions. Questions. Questions. Please do review your labs, and do not underestimate their importance when it comes to testing. Such a silly question could be incorrect if you don't know the normal lab value for Calcium is 8.6-10 ^_^.

    I will admit, a day before this exam I was so nervous. The anxiety and tension was intolerable. Well, the day came. I took my test, immediately after i finished there was this feeling of impending doom. I was already convinced I had failed. I was miserable, I tried to stay calm until my results came. 10 days later, I received that letter in the mail. My heart dropped, heart rate reached 120 bpm and was having dyspnea. Well, i tore it open like an excited child on Christmas eve opening his/her presents. My eyes seemed like they had diplopia, scurring all across the page looking for that one word....


    Then, I saw it. "PASSED".

    It was done. I did it. I conquered the NCLEX-PN on my first try. My eyes lit up, heart rate definitely did shoot up. This moment folks, it was what i was waiting for. Through faith in god, and long sleepless nights of worrying and studying. I got it done.

    That one day I was so worried about, was past me now. It can be done, just stay true to yourself and dont cut yourself short. Study. Study. Study.

    Believe, that you too can tame the beast.
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  3. by   CLUVRN
    Congrats are definitely in order! Have you secured a job yet?
  4. by   lpnhereicome
    Erica_LVN congrats on passing the NCLEX-PN on the first try!!! I too am taking the path of a PN program and hope to be in your position in a little over a year!!