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Yes! You read it correctly! :) I thank the Lord and forever be grateful that i've failed my first NCLEX. I know it sounds ironic but this is how I perceived it. And Here's my take on it. (caution: its a lengthy post) hehe! ... Read More

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    This post is inspiring. You'll be a great nurse! Nclex will never be forgotten til the end of our days eh?
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    this is such a nice story thanks for sharing my dear.. can't wait to take my nclex and share with y'all my experience good or bad results
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    You have such an amazing story! This was definitely worth the read! Thank you so much for sharing and congrats! I really enjoyed reading it! I daydream and dream all the time about when I finally finish school and that moment when I find out I have passed the NCLEX and I actually start crying myself!! And I know that is whats gonna happen when I really do pass! LOL! I'm such an emotional guy (not afraid to admit it haha). CONGRATS AGAIN!!!
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    I am a first year nursing student. You are a great inspiration. So glad things worked out the way they did. God has a plan for us, sometimes it's not the plan we want, but if you remain faithful and focus on him you will be blessed beyond our wildest dreams. As for me I returned to school at 41, after serving in the military and a successful career in telecommunications. I had always had a desire for the medical field and to care for people, but when my wife passed from lung cancer I made up my mind to become a nurse and give of myself to help others in need. After completing my pre-reqs I was accepted into the nursing program in September 2012 and even though it is stressful and difficult I love it!

    God bless your story has inspired me and I am happy for you and your family.
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    congratulations !!!!!!

    thanks a lot to post tips

    plz tell me . how was your score in practice questions before you take exam?

    because my planning is to take after a month but my score is around 60%. wt u suggest should i wait or go ahead to take.. i took kaplan review online. was 55% and exam cram is about 70%. i have mary ann hogan review too. it is all mixed score.50 to 75%. because sometimes i see same question again . so i knew the answer may be thats why score goes up. how can i know wt is my level. or please advise we should do more questions or content . thanks a lot for your time
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    Congratulations for passing your NCLEX exam! Your story is worth reading though you said itís longÖI really like your enthusiasm and your talks about failing! I also believe thereís always a reason for everything! You inspired someone today!
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    I am so glad I read this. I have such a negative attitude about my 2 failures. I believe the Lord wanted me to read this so I would get back on track. I always think of this verse in the bible, Prverbs: Hope deferred makes the heart sick and a longing foe filled is a tree of life. I believe Jesus protects us from certain request because the dangers of being hurt ourselves and hurting others. I believen the Lord I love Jesus our father, savior and love. I was so upset during and after my exam the second time but I may not have put everything into it. I want my RN and know if I can pass this PN test that RN school will be much differently viewed. God bless you for putting this post up, you have inspired me and explained more to me than you will ever know. It is Gods plan not mine, when I prayed to know I was in the right field I received my answer, now I know for sure my failure is a delay for safety to Patients and my self. I will pass this NCLEX PN.

    Thank you Merry Christmas and God Bless you for being guided to write this.
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    That is so weird you posted that, I read her success story and tears rolled down my eyes. I am experiencing this first hand and she inspired me. I asked the Lord why I was not passing, this is my encouragement and confirmation to know its a delay.
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    Congratulations on passing. Your story is beautifully inspiring!
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    Congratulations!! Your post is very helpful and encouraging. It give me & others motivation not to quit. Thank you.
    If you don't mind sharing some of your notes if you still have it in your file...i would really appreciate to have a copy. I printed your post so i can read it over and to get some of your tips and motivation. Here's my email add:
    Happy Holidays!!!
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