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Here are some things I would like to pass on... For every question...read the question, read the answer, go back and read the question again and point out in your mind exactly what they are... Read More

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    One more thing....

    I don't think you can "study" for NCLEX.

    I do think you can PREPARE for NCLEX.

    Prep is knowing how to take a test, understanding how things apply in the nursing world (not the ins and outs of the numerous diseases) and being able to have some hope of looking at a med and thinking "it believe it's this class".

    I don't think studying gets you far...but you need to prepare!

    Answer questions, read the rationales and read the STRATEGIES!
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    Thanks for the great test taking tips. I will definitely start doing this when taking practice questions now! Angie:wink2:
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    Thank for letting us know
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    Thanks for the tips. I opened this forum earlier and was not going to read them but came back and I am glad I did. I had never thought about some of these things.
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    thank you for the great tips. will keep them in mind
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    Thanks for the tip. I'm planning to take it in December and will definitely keep this in mind.
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    Thanks for the sound advice!
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    thanks again
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    thanks for the tips hope this'll help

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