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Hi everyone!! I'm a 1x poster and a longtime lurker. I have found so much solace in this website in reading and now, I am looking for the same in posting. All of you nurses, future nurses etc....are inspirations and calming to... Read More

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    My best advice to you is this....ask yourself, am I ready to take the test? Do I feel confident? If your answers are YES, then you are ready. No matter what these scores say or no matter what anyone says, you have to feel ready to take the test. When I took the NCLEX the first time, my scores were high in Kaplan and my friends/family said that I was ready and I did feel I was ready but unfortunately I did not pass because I made some stupid mistakes...now I have learned and changed my strategy. I am focused on content, practice questions using NCSBN, PDA by LaCharity and Saunders and now I can say, I am ready, confident and I am going to give my best shot. Dont be scared...you will do great! just believe in God, in yourself and just relax and take your time. Best of luck!! And dont forget to pray...

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    Less than 12 hours to go. I am ready. My boyfriend is going to massage me to sleep .... Its time to see what this beast has to offer. ITS JUST A TEST....lol I'll keep you guys posted <3!!!! Ill see you on the other side...
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    God bless you...♡&hearts;♡
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    For all you amazing nurses, supporters, followers!!! I took the dreaded NCLEX!!!! and let me just say....it was NOT as bad as I had envisioned it to be. Not that it was easy, by all means. but if you've been to nursing school, truly and consistently answered questions that were NCLEX style....than this test is just that, a test. I had about 10 SATA, 5 Put in Order, 1 Exhibit, 50-60% Prioritization (who would you see first, what med would you give) and maybe 2 knowledge based questions (what signs are true of this disease), 3 infection control (proper PPE, cohort). When I got to 60 I nearly had to stop my heart from popping out of my chest....62....66....74....when I got to question 75, I swear it took everything in my power to read that question thoroughly....and when I pressed next and got the blue screen I about jumped out my chair.... I felt confident, exhausted, happy, drained....anxious. I just got home and got the good PVT pop up!!! I hope its true!!!

    I'm going to start a new thread regarding this, but for all of you hear. Thank you thank you thank you.
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    Wishing you the very best, stay calm, remember for the most part the exam just wants to make sure you will be a safe nurse!! You got this, you will pass, just keeping telling yourself you will!
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    Yay you passed!!!! Sorry for my last post, I had only read page 1 of this thread. Really happy for you, it's an amazing feeling, congrats!

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