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Studied out of U.S, want NCLEX-RN preparation guidance - page 2

I studied in India now want to pass nclex rn hopefully in first try. i am very new in us and don't know what all the stuff is must required for preparation. i did goggling there is lots of stuff... Read More

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    Quote from raj89
    i apply for michigan board of nursing.. somebody told me michigan board nclex is tougher than others is that true??????
    It is a national exam and the questions regardless where in the world you are all come from the same pot
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    hi..m also from india..and now m in california..m also very confuse.i m thinking to take a hurst review classes onlne bcoz now i have a 3 mnth old baby so its very difficult to study with baby..can u give me any advise anyone.i wanna pass my test
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    Hey amankang pick kaplan nclex content review once you are done with the half of the book you can start doing questions.
    saunders is good book but it has alot of stuff but if you can finish it go for it .but again the exam is not about if you know all material its about how you deal with the question basically you have to master your self to answer the way nclex want you to answer the question and for that you have to do alot of questions you can also do .
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    I am also a foreign educated nurse, and I passed the nclex first time with 75 qts last month.
    What really helped me was hurst review for the core content, Lacharity Priorization and delegation (this one was one of the most helpful), and then I used kaplan strategie book ( very good to understand the different type of questions and how to pick the best answer).
    Good luck!!!!