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Is anyone there who studied from india and pass nclex in first attempt?? I need some support. Bcoz somebody told me that passing rate of indians rn in usa is very low.... Read More

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    I am studying saunders review, pda lacharity,nclex 3500 and planning to take hurst. Is that enough or do I need more?
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    Do not over do it with study books. Take the time to understand what the question is asking. Learn to look for key words in the question
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    HI guys ..I am a registered nurse from india. I see you are giving nclex test. Even im interested in giving nclex. but before that can you let me know how i can apply for or contact state board of nursing for eligibility criteria att and as to how can i fill the application to apply for state licencure.. please reply please please
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    Before applying for eligibility letter from state board of nursing u have to apply for credential evaluation from CGFNS.(but some states only need transcript so u should confirm from ur state board of nursing what are their requirements) after recieving eligibility letter go ahead and apply for att from pearsonvue.
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    which books u studied?
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    I am a nursing graduate from India and I am new to this country.I am planning to take NCLEX RN exam in California, but currently I am facing a lot of confusion in the process of applying for the exam.Can anybody plz tell me:<br>
    1. What if my Nursing institute will not send the transcript directly to the CA BON. Can I forward the sealed [transcript enclosed] envelop <br>
    to the BON? If yes,what is the process?<br>
    2. Can I request my nursing institute to keep the sealed envelop ready before i apply for the exam? So that, the process will not be <br>
    delayed becoz of this.<br>
    3. should i send originals or photocopies of all certificates [marks memo,PHN,midwife etc..]? If photocopies need to be attested by the <br>
    NSG college?<br>
    4. Can I fax the Transcript Request form and Breakdown of Education form to my NSG College?<br>
    Your consideration will be a sort of great favor. I shall be waiting for your response .<br>
    Thanks in advance. <br>