Sticky Situation with my ATT...has anyone else exp this?

  1. I am scheduled to take nclex on Wednesday and got to reading my ATT tonight so I know what I have to take with me to test. It says that my first and last name on my identification has to match exactly my name on the ATT....the problem is that my first name is different on my ATT. I didn't realize this and I used my nickname which might as well be my real name since it is all I've ever been called. My real name is Edward but all my life I've been called Eddie. So my DL has Edward and my ATT has Eddie...and I'm freaking out because I don't want to reschedule and go through a huge mess over this. I'm going to see if the DMV will reprint my DL with Eddie on it instead of Edward...but I kind of doubt it.

    Does anyone else know if this is such a big deal that I may not be able to test???

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   precy
    Contact your board of nursing and inform them of the name in your ID. First and last names in ID must match with your name in ATT.
  4. by   Dieselmota
    If the first and last names match but your drivers license has a middle initial and yout ATT does not- is that OK?
  5. by   Leilah75_RN
    they will look on first name and surname and your picture on the photo ID if al matches, you are OK regardless if one has middle initial or none....