Soo Sadd!!

  1. Sooo sad!! I took the test yesterday and did the pvt trick and got all the way through to the cc page. ..crap!! I was kinda half hoping that i wouldn't have to sit it again but i do know i failed, i just felt like i guessed my way through the test. And on answers i SHOULD know. But i am glad that i have that nervousness of the "unknown" gone away. Now i can just study PROPERLY this time and try my BEST instead of me walking in there knowing and before that, setting myself up for failure. After reading like a million reports on the PVT trick, i totally believe so im not going to even waste my time for the next couple of weeks hoping and wishing lol...

    I'm 110% certain i failed, sad about it, disappointed in myself for playing around and not concentrating but seriously want to just register and forget about the first rounds results and start anew.

    So anyway, i know i failed and i'm over it and ready to move on now. My question is - Can i register for the test again even though i don't have my official results?? I would prefer not to wait for my ATT for 3-4 weeks after i get those results and register than and pay sooo even though i did the test yesterday, can i just go ahead a re-register?

    And also any helpful tips on passing NCLEX-PN test would be greatly greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Good luck with your official results.
  4. by   bhodge
    Sorry i know how you feel i failed also.... Yes you can go ahead and reregister and if your able print off the application off you Board Of Nursing website and get that out of the way to.. You can even once BON receives your stuff they send it to Pearson ANd then you can goahead and set your date you do not have to wait to register or set date but date set depends on what state your in i'm in va and i just gotta set mine for 45dayz out!!!!!!