Saunders comprehensive review for nclex-rn vs. Nclex pn

  1. I just want to know if there's a big difference between Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN and the one for NCLEX-PN? Because I already have the NCLEX-RN book supposed to be preparing for my NCLEX-RN but my application for examination was denied due to some conflicts between my theory and clinical cases, just like what most BSN graduates outside US are experiencing right now. So my next option is to take LVN exam while waiting for my application in other state to be approved. I want to prepare myself for the exam and looking for good reviewers to use. Thanks guys!
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  3. by   karunashrestha
    Hi did u give ur pn exam?Me with the same problem. Waiting for my ATT letter for rn. Cud u plz let me know do I need to buy Saunders pn or rn is ok coz I too have Saunders review for Rn.
  4. by   melai12
    hi there.. same situation here.. i have saunders for RN but now i got my eligibility for LVN exam just wondering too if i can use the book for PN exam.. have u taken the exam by this time?
  5. by   RachNurse
    I don't see a follow up, and others may disagree (I do realize the PN and RN nclex are different), but I used only an RN-nclex questions series to study for my nclex-PN and did just fine. If you're going to do that just make sure you understand the differences of scope of practice and what you're entitled, and obligated, to do as an LPN rather than an RN. The rest seemed very helpful to me though, as far as med/surg questions, anatomy, medications, etc.
  6. by   Asteria
    this is my problem to.. i got denied to take my rn exam here in california because my theories and clinicals are not concurrent the BRN wants me to retake med/surg but i called every single school here in cali they are not offering a single class right now LVN is what I am reviewing for...but my review books are all for RN , i am thinking twice if i will buy saunders comprensive review for pn because i went to Barnes&Nobles and compared my saunders comprehensive review for rn 5e book they only differ in questions but the content is the same.