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As I've noticed, the recent test takers had taken so many SATA questions in nclex. I'm so scared coz this is my weakness, if you missed one correct answer then you're wrong.:( am i right?:( my exam... Read More

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    #52 0 need help for sata
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    Hi Darrelton, could you please send me the PDF. Taking my nclex in a month. Thank you
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    Email is Thank you
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    Quote from Esme12
    Allnurses does not have a review sheet that was made by AN. It is a review sheet put together by another member.

    You can find it at this thread.......Passed my NCLEX-RN! My NCLEX review material tips..
    Look up the PDF yourself by using the above link..this whole thread is about tips and tricks
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    hey! a'm almost there too, taking the nclex in 2 days. any updates how was your experience?
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    My advice? I hear nurses all the time say, "nursing school teaches you to pass the nclex, you'll learn the real nursing world when you start working". Relax as much as possible and realize that all those stressful tests in nursing school gave you the BEST nclex review possible and that you are ready to conquer it. I was an average student at a reputable nursing school who almost always got my sata questions wrong. During my nclex almost every answer I chose was an educated guess and I still passed at 75. Nclex wasn't the biggest wall to climb, nursing school was. You beat nursing school, so go confidently into beating the nclex. Best of luck.
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    Quote from darrelton
    to everyone asking me to send the pdf file if u recv it pls email me back so i know u got it or if not, pm me here so ill resend it again
    Hi can you send the material to me too? i would really appreciate it.. thanks