Reschedule? Kaplan Scores

  1. Here is my situation, I write my test on Tuesday and have until tomorrow afternoon to reschedule. I am most concerned that I have been far to busy and haven't actually reviewed any material (I am especially worried that I haven't reviewed pharmacology).

    My Kaplan scores in order of when I took them are as follows:

    Diagnostic: 58.3%
    Readiness: 70.6%
    QT1: 60.0%
    QT2: 57.3%
    QT3: 61.0%
    QT4: 59.3%
    QT5: 58.7%
    QT6: 63.0%
    QT7: 62.6%

    QBank(400): 67.0%

    Should I push my test back a bit?
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  3. by   swansonplace
    Are you good on the priority questions? The select all that apply? Did you try the Kaplan sample exams? Your scores look good. Try a pharm nclex assessment test, and see if you are good to go.
  4. by   Qester
    Well I just completed another 400 Questions, starting to get tired but I want to see most of the material before my test and I won't have time tomorrow.

    I averaged a 70% over those 400 questions.

    I am pretty strong at the priority questions, depends on the topic for SATA.

    Im going to try a few of the sample exams now and I will repost and hopefully I will find time tonight to do the pharm assessment
  5. by   Qester
    Here are the results of my sample tests:

    Sample test 1: 64.0%
    Sample test 2: 66.0%
    Sample test 3 (priorities): 90%
    Sample test 4 (alternate): 40% (with 24% of questions missed by 1 option)

    Should I push the test back a few weeks?
  6. by   K_girl
    Your test scores look good. Not sure why you want to reschedule. My scores were a lot lower than yours and I passed the first time. As long as you are reading all the rationales and applying them, you should be fine. Good luck!
  7. by   swansonplace
    Tests 6 and 7 are above the line. See how you do on those ones. Check your pharm and your sata. All looks good so far.
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  8. by   swansonplace
    Do tests 6 or 7. These are above the line questions.

    I see you have already done 6 and 7 and got above 60. Good thing. So just practice SATA and pharm.

    For your own comfort level. You numbers look good.

    When is your exam.
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