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  1. 0 i know ncsbn says 48 hrs for quick results, but when have you seen the link finally pop up? i took my test 7/8 and finished about 1:40pm, will it come up about that time tomorrow or has it happened any earlier for anyone? when i took my lpn boards a few years ago, i feel like i remember the results being up a few hours early but i'm not sure if i'm imagining that.
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    As long as your account in pearson say delivered successfully! You can do the Pearson trick! I did mine 2 hours after I took the NCLEX
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    My link came up 46 hours after the start of my nclex. PVT was right in my case.
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    My link also came up about 40 hours after I finished AND that was over a Sat/Sun. Once you get past the 40 hour mark or so I would check the sucker every hour!!! And I agree, the PVT worked for me but I didn't totally believe it until I saw the "unofficial" results.

    Good luck!
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    My state does not participate in quick results. Does PVT still work?
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    thanks everyone. i did the pearson vue trick and got the good popup but im anxious for the real deal results.