Question trainer tests for Kaplan....

  1. Has anyone scored 49-51% on Kaplan question trainer tests then took NCLEX and passed?
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  3. by   kobebryant
    I scored around mid-50's on 2,3 and 7 and took the nclex and passed with 75 questions. NOTE: I was short on time and only had 5 days to study so I did that and 300 qbank questions. MEMORIZE the cheat sheet I gathered and you should be fine as long as you understand it and can critically think.
  4. by   Ellisjc0507
    thank you for your advice. what cheat sheet are you talking about?
  5. by   kobebryant
    It's the first post on this thread it's attached. Heard you have to be on a computer to accesss the cheat sheet instead of your phone.
  6. by   nananow
    how do I go about getting your sheet KOBEBRYANT ? I tried to upload it and the page doesn't exist anymore. Help