Quadriceps & Gluteal setting exercise

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    can someone pl. help me answer this terminology:Quadriceps setting & gluteal muscle setting exercise.

    I was reading a que. from the book regarding after hip replacement exercise & I couldn't understand this terminology that how to perform quadriceps & gluteal mus. exe. I tried to get the answer from the dictionary but neither able to find in mosby nor online.

    Thanks in advance if you can answer this.

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    I'm not quite sure, but I think those type of exercises are called Isometric exercises, I know that a patient can use them when they wear a cast. i found the following rationale in my Kaplen PN book....

    Question: The LPN/LVN cares for a child in a leg cast for treatment of a fractured right ankle. It is MOST important for the LPN/LVN to reinforce which of the following activities after discharge?

    Answer: The child performs Isometric exercises of the right leg

    Correct: Contraction of muscle w/out moving joint; promotes venous return and circulation, prevents thrombi; Quadriceps setting (push back knees into bed) and Gluteal setting (Push heels into bed)

    I hope this helps, maybe you should look it up in a Med-Surg book or Fundamentals book.....
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