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A popup stating "The candidate has previously passed this exam. A new appointment cannot be scheduled" just came up tonight...after previously getting the "good" popup.....I took my test... Read More

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    Yes yes yes I passed and yes the pvt trick works but I was not very sure so I still paid to get the quick result and yep I passed now I just wonder when my name will show up on the TBON website. Congrats to all who have made it and for those still to write or still trying to pass do not give up hope this time was the 5th time for me after graduating nursing school in may,2010 so I tell you there is hope just pray along with the studying and try something different.

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    for me and my classmate..we waited 3 days and we saw our name in California board of nursing, since we don't have quick result...but even if we have that,i still wont do that...on my opinion just a waste of money^^ but i know how tense you are...^^
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    Quote from davey111483
    we don't have quick results here in california so i'd just probably wait for my license in the mail. congratulations to you as well xkrystlex!! we did it!!

    no quick results if one registers at california OR took the exam in california (but registered in a different state)?? thought you can do the trick wherever you register or took the exam?
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    I, TOO, have the same message that says "The candidate has previously passed this exam..." I am a little nervous because I ran out of time. I am from California. Anyone experienced the same?
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    I took my NCLEX in california on Nov. 3. I ran out of time I tried the VUE website and the "pop up" that everyone have been talking about popped up on my screen too. Will this also be a good sign? It has been almost 48 hours and I have been checking the BON website and my name has not appeared on the website. I guess ill have to wait by Monday or Tuesday to find out. Anyone from California who have taken the exam on Thursday Nov 3 and sees their name on the BON website today, Nov 5? Anxious!!!!! What if pearson vue website has placed that "good pop-up" for everyone and the whole cc page does not exist anymore?
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    I took my exam nov 1 at 12:00pm i am getting the pop up that i passed but still not on the california rn board and should be by now! everyone says abot 48-72 hours please someone tell me it took them longer than three days to see their name on the board website - my classmates so far all found out w/in 72 hrs. i was a good student and studied hard but really felt like i bombed it - half sata and a lot of meds i didn't know. so depressed right now
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    I did have two classmates that ran out of time and still passed in california
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    Thanks for the info @exhausted. Hopefully by monday u will get ur result. Sometimes it takes a week for ur name to appear. Depending how fast the board put up names. So ur getting the same pop up? According to everyone, that pop up "the candidate has previously passed this exam. A new appointment cannot be scheduled" is a good sign. U and i should be very hopeful! Lets just hope that pearson website does not give the pop up to everyone- passing or fail. Let me know ur situation
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    Hi everyone! im new in this forum and just want to share that i took my nclex rn exam last october 3, 2011 for florida license. i got a pop up that says.. the candidate has previously passed this examination. a new appointment cannot be scheduled. is this a good pop up? also, im not yet a resident in Florida and i live in the Philippines so i dont have a SSN. its past 1 month and still havent received my official letter. im still worried. I hope you guys can clarify this to me. i dont want to get the quick result because i want to have the official letter. Thank you!

    p.s. How long should i wait for the official letter? They said within 30 days but apparently its not happening
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    dsiron - i am so frustrated right now - they haven't updated the website since nov5th - any idea what is going on? from what everyone says that pop up is a sure thing but i really didn't feel like i passed it and now the wait! it has been a week today.

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