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A popup stating "The candidate has previously passed this exam. A new appointment cannot be scheduled" just came up tonight...after previously getting the "good" popup.....I took my test... Read More

  1. by   exhausted21
    I took my exam nov 1 at 12:00pm i am getting the pop up that i passed but still not on the california rn board and should be by now! everyone says abot 48-72 hours please someone tell me it took them longer than three days to see their name on the board website - my classmates so far all found out w/in 72 hrs. i was a good student and studied hard but really felt like i bombed it - half sata and a lot of meds i didn't know. so depressed right now
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  2. by   exhausted21
    I did have two classmates that ran out of time and still passed in california
  3. by   dsiron
    Thanks for the info @exhausted. Hopefully by monday u will get ur result. Sometimes it takes a week for ur name to appear. Depending how fast the board put up names. So ur getting the same pop up? According to everyone, that pop up "the candidate has previously passed this exam. A new appointment cannot be scheduled" is a good sign. U and i should be very hopeful! Lets just hope that pearson website does not give the pop up to everyone- passing or fail. Let me know ur situation
  4. by   bianca04
    Hi everyone! im new in this forum and just want to share that i took my nclex rn exam last october 3, 2011 for florida license. i got a pop up that says.. the candidate has previously passed this examination. a new appointment cannot be scheduled. is this a good pop up? also, im not yet a resident in Florida and i live in the Philippines so i dont have a SSN. its past 1 month and still havent received my official letter. im still worried. I hope you guys can clarify this to me. i dont want to get the quick result because i want to have the official letter. Thank you!

    p.s. How long should i wait for the official letter? They said within 30 days but apparently its not happening
  5. by   exhausted21
    dsiron - i am so frustrated right now - they haven't updated the website since nov5th - any idea what is going on? from what everyone says that pop up is a sure thing but i really didn't feel like i passed it and now the wait! it has been a week today.
  6. by   werkinit
    Hi friends! I tested in California and got the PVT good pop-up (actually I go the original good pop-up & then they morphed to the new "candidate has previously passed" verbage)...it took over 7 weeks for my name to show up on the BRN website, but I can attest that the good pop-up works. Even when you have to wait an ungodly amount of time for your results.

    Congrats to you all!!!!!!
  7. by   exhausted21
    omgth seven weeks! did you call the board get something in the mail. seven weeks is unacceptable. they haven't posted anything new since the 5th. i cant wait seven weeks
  8. by   werkinit
    Apparently my 1st set of transcripts from my school never showed up...believe me, I called & called & emailed & called. TOTALLY unacceptable.

    But at least the PVT trick worked
  9. by   exhausted21
    wow! i won't believe it until i see it. i already had problems with my transcripts so it took awhile to get my att. so paranoid that they give that pop up to everyone. the waiting is killing me. you knew before seven weeks from the board that you passed though right? i can retake the test in seven weeks and have a job already waiting oh my gosh................
  10. by   jadecn
    Hi there exhausted21! I took my exam last Monday nov. 7, and I also got the good pop up thing that says "the candidate has previously passed this exam, a new schedule cannot be made" me too has hesitations when I got it, but since this is my third try and the previous ones put me through the credit card page this made me scream and hopped! The adrenaline just rushed into me, thinking all the handwork has paid off.. But after that, I suddenly just realize..- if this is for real? I still have to see it for me to believe I really passed this exam!
    I also tried checking the BON website,But they haven't updated it since 5th of November. I hope this PVT is seriously real.
  11. by   exhausted21
    I passed! The board updated last night (it hadn't been updated when i went to bed atg 130) but this morning it was on there. Thanks for the info though you are the first person i know who it went to the cc page so it must be accurate and think you passed this time. i hope so the stress is terrible and i feel for you having to go through 3x - some of the best nurses have failed it more than once. The test was so random i really thought i failed but so happy to see my name on there. It took eight days for them to post so don't give up hope!

  12. by   manoagirl
    Quote from xkrystlex
    A popup stating "The candidate has previously passed this exam. A new appointment cannot be scheduled" just came up tonight...after previously getting the "good" popup.....I took my test yesterday.....um....has anyone ever gotten this? ....I'm guessing it would have to mean that I passed?...Right?
    Yes...you passed. that is what all 'passers' get when they try to re-register for nclex after taking it.
  13. by   manoagirl
    Quote from werkinit
    Looks like they've changed the verbage on the good pop-up. I took my exam in early Sept & am having trouble w/ my results due to some transcript issues -- so I've been doing the PVT occasionally to relieve my stress.

    I did it just now and also got the "this candidate has previously passed this exam..." statement which is definitely not what they were posting earlier this month. Feels even better when they actually use the word "passed"

    I hope I get me real results soon, though.

    Congratulations to everyone!!!!!!!!!!! Passing NCLEX is a huge accomplishment!!!!
    Here in Hawaii, the PVT works every time. Usually within two hours post test. The test is graded immediately, so by the time you drive home, and go back online, you should be able to see the 'good' verbiage re "this candidate has previously passed this exam..." I passed this monster early October, and I'm still shaking from the experience. I recommend anyone about to take this to TAKE YOUR TIME on every question...do the decision tree, even though it looks like the questions are not decision tree questions....they still need assessment/implementation eval, patient safety before anything, chain of command and delegation discernment, and with meds, know your endings and what class of meds they belong to...look for patterns in the topic and eliminate your answers...do NOT pick your answers first...absolutely do not do this...eliminate, eliminate, eliminate,and and ask yourself if the answer makes sense to the topic. This is a seriously critical thinking type test. At the end, you will feel like you failed. But, if you studied and took the nclex class online or in person..you will pass. if you just walk in there and take the test without studying nclex review...you might fail. this is an nclex style exam...the questions are not like those in school. so, know your nclex. practice your questions, take those long tests. it will work.