PVT Trick says that I "previously passed"...is this right? - page 10

A popup stating "The candidate has previously passed this exam. A new appointment cannot be scheduled" just came up tonight...after previously getting the "good" popup.....I took my test yesterday.....um....has anyone ever gotten... Read More

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    Then that sounds like a good sign :-)
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    Quote from joe17
    You want any adviced? Go out take your family. You've passed the exam. That sounds to em a good pop up. Congrats
    Thank you for the words of encouragement, I appreciate it.
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    I took the Nclex here in California only 2 days ago. I still keep getting the "old" good pop-up! Does that still hold? Or should I keep doing the PVT until I get that comment that clearly states I passed?! Should I be worried?

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