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I took my NCLEX in Ohio today, did the PVT, and I got a pop up stating "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your member board for further assistance.... Read More

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    @newnurse1986Are you in Ohio?
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    Quote from StephS2013
    I meant to say that I researched to see if there was any and there were only a few! (Like 2!) No worries! What state are you in?
    If you were referring to me, I'm in Iowa. Wednesday can't come soon enough... I didn't realize there were people who failed and got the good pop up. Ugh.
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    They might not have waited until the exam stated "delivery successful." The odds are on our side My friend did the PVT in December and she got the same pop up! She passed!! I should know by tomorrow afternoon if I passed bc Ohio puts your license number on the BON website the day after you take it!!! I will keep you posted!
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    I took my test in ohio on Friday, my name was on the board Monday afternoon. I got the good popup with PVT.
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    I am officially an RN, BSN!!!!!!!! Yay!!The PVT works
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    @julz68Congrats RN!!!!
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    Glory to God!!!!!!! I joined today to say that God is beyond good and the pvt worked for me! I passed! "Our records indicate...." along w/ God's Peace helped me get through these last 48 hrs!

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