prayer before the exam.....

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    hello fellow test takers.i just want to share a prayer before the exam that was made by one of the best reviewee in the philippines..hope this prayer will help us..

    prayer before the exam..

    dear god
    today i will take my examination
    which is so important to me
    though i am not afraid
    because i know that as i write my answers
    it is your hands that work

    and now,as i take this examination
    please enlighten my mind
    to able to answer correctly
    and to recall everything that i have studied.
    i will do my best in this exam and to you god
    i will entrust my fate
    i know that whatever will be the result,
    it is according to your will.

    you have watched me
    as i worked hard to study for this exam
    although i dont feel very confident
    and that i dont know if i am prepared
    i truly believe that you would give me what i deserve
    i deserve to pass this exam,god.

    i am happy that today you are with me
    for with you i will win this battle
    and as i close my eyes and feel your presence
    in this examination room
    you put confidence to my heart
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    kinda sounds like all of the prayers I said before every test throughout Nursing school. lsebeg:

    Good luck to all who are testing soon or waiting for their results.
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    Thanks for the wonderful prayers. I plan to use it.
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    Thank you for sharing the very inspirational prayers!
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    good luck eveyone,
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    Just saw this prayer, thank you, taking my HESI next week. Will need this!
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    Quote from navydad51
    Just saw this prayer, thank you, taking my HESI next week. Will need this!
    goodluck and god bless..
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    I know this is an old thread but I need this prayer now more then ever. My whole semester hinges on a test tomorrow. If I do not pass I will have to repeat the semester and I will not graduate in December I have never straddled the line of passing so close in my life, it sucks!
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    Thanks for posting the prayer. Am gonna use it for nclex. God bless you
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    Thank you for posting this prayer. May GODbless you!

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