Please has anyone fail with 85 and got the good pop up?

  1. 0 I got the good pop up, and my test finished 85 questions!!! I took my test today im so scare!!! ? learned a lot from ati, kaplan, sanders and lippincot. I took the test once and I don't feel like I passed!!! When I got out of the room I was about to cry, I was waiting to stay there like for all the questions . I'm freaking out cuz English is my 2nd language and I took my time reading I didn't even took a break and when my test finished at 85 I thought I was gonna have a hard attack ! Most of them organize, sata, no math , 6 meds and all I wasted on learning each value and all the numbers! All the endocrine system diseases! Not even one! So tell me did you got the good pop ups and the computer turned off at 85 and didn't pass?
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    If you got the good pop up then don't worry. Chances are you passed. I was worried too until I got my final results, but I have never heard of anyone not passing with the good pop up.
    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks god listen to you!!! I hope I did my life was a total book I didn't do anything but study
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    The first time I didn't got the pop up, and I didn't pass, but it was all sata like maybe 40
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    I have researched all over the internet for what people are saying about the PVT. Almost all of them said it worked for them. It's accurate for me too so if you got the good pop up, CONGRATULATIONS!
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    Idk I'm like crazy waiting !!! Is it 2 days? Like I can go at 12 am? Or at the same 48 hours that I can have my quick results? If I took my test at 11 then I can see them 2 days after at 11?
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    Congrats you passed btw !!!
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    Hi Paolo are you from Philippines?
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    The pvt is true I passed the nclex!!! Jm so happy time to party, I did Kaplan, lippincotts , ati and Saunders just in case lol I pass at 85! super happy !!!!
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    It's Paola lol I'm not from the Philippines !

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