Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?? - page 62

hi, this kinda worried me now. some tester have done this i think..the trick to reregister again to pearsonvue. if it lets you register and pay again that means you failed and if stop you from paying that means you passed. well... Read More

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    Quote from rachz_rn
    I took my nclex-rn today at 3pm. I tried to reregister up to review page and a pop up message appear stating ' THE CANDIDATE CURRENTLY HAS AN OPEN REGISTRATION FOR THIS EXAM. A NEW REGSITRATION CANNOT BE CREATED AT THIS TIME' and it didn't let me go to through the cc page.

    What does it mean? Does anyone here got the same pop up message? I appreciate your reply. Thanks!

    When I do this it it says to contact my BON I check daily it has never changed although I did wait a week to do it the first time

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    Quote from michelle02
    when you failed march 2, how long did it take for you to receive the mail? ... because i am really tempted to confirm the credit ard payment page on pearsonvue already ... i am sure that i failed ... do i have to wait for the letter that i failed, or can i confirm the payment page already and schedule an exam 45days after april27?
    I believe I got the results in the mail on March 19 or 20. But I didn't pay again until THE day I received it in the mail.
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    ok, so the trick worked for me again. The first time I took the NCLEX-RN in March it let me go to the CC payment page. This time, I took it on May 4 and it did NOT let me go to the CC payment page and today may 6 i found my name on the CA BON website with an RN next to it
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    congrats cali grl....just wondering the first time u tried the trick and went to the CC page was is the same day????
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    No, I believe I tried it a week later. But this time I did it the same day and the day after and it still blocked me
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    fyi for far out of my lpn class, 6 students have taken the nclex and passed. all of them did the pearsonvue trick and they all received the contact member board message. they did the pearsonvue trick as soon as they got home from taking the exam. one thing i did notice, wait until you see "delivery successful" under the status area of your pearsonvue account page. if you do not see "delivery successful" you may get a pop up message that states that you have an open registration and you cannot register at this time. i think that "delivery successful" means that pearsonvue actually received your test results. i did not even need to pay pearsonvue the $7.95 quick results fee because my license was already posted on the fl bon website. the same held true for all of my other classmates!!!!
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    i actually agree with way2barnp, as far as i know that pv needs at least 24 hrs if not less to process the test and forward them to bon, if you do the trick you will be getting that message that your results are on hold or that there is already a registration in place or something like that ...... the message that i got and im sure everyone else here did is the following ....... "our records indicate that you have recently schedule this exam. please contact your member board for further assistance. another registration cannot be made at this time". i think that this is the message you need to get.........
    i hope this help..........

    good luck to all of us, i am still waiting for results too

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    Wll today at 8:00 am I took the NclexPN. I feel terrible about it. I am sure I failed. When I got home I tried the trick. First it said I had an open registration for this exam. A new registration cannot be made at this time. 4 hours later, after I saw Delivery successful I tried again.
    This time it states " Our records indicate you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your board member for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time.
    I hope that is a glimmer of light. Because I am sure I failed at 85 questions.
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    I passed my NCLEX-PN in New York! I tried the PV trick as soon as i got home on 5/5 and it didnt let me register and sure enough today I paid and found out that I had passed! Good luck to all test takers..have faith in yourself!
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    im sure this trick work in other state..but just wondering it might be different in CALIFORNIA nclex PN because in CA we have to wait atleast a month to get the result....not like other state that participate the quick result...they have to block it right away...soo we still not sure here in CALIFORNIA...we just dont know how soon we can check the trick....

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