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This poll is a follow on from the pearsonvue trick poll which asks if you got good or bad pop up. Please do not post any questions in here regarding the pearsonvue trick, they will be deleted, please post them in the relevant... Read More

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    Yup. Worked for me!

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    Hi all. I just wanted to share my experience with you guys. In nursing school I was the top student who never once failed an exam. Needless to say my confidence level was very high going into my Nclex Pn and i have to say i was completely floored.I took this test and I have never felt more like a fool. I can honestly say that I guessed on most of the questions.I tried the pvt thing and I got the good pop up. How does it work? In my eyes I have failed, I am really hoping the pvt trick is real but I can't grasp how I could 'pass' when I know I on so many questions. Wish me luck guys. I'll update when I get official results but right now I am in a state of shock. I'll let you know ASAP if pvt is still true.
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    Yes, it worked for me, too! I was able to see the trick results about 3 hours after my exam ended. Then, within 48 hours, my passing results showed on GREAT tool!
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    I'm a believer! I tested with 2 friends and it worked for all of us within 10 minutes of walking out of the testing center. I have also heard that its been accurate for the majority of my classmates who have tested and used the trick. I know it's not a guarantee of passing or failing but it definitely helped us breathe a little easier after seeing that good pop up! Out state nursing board had our license numbers posted the following day.
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    I wanted to share my experience cuz I know for sure, many of you who just took NCLEX are going through same hell I went through.
    I took mine on Thoursday 8:00 am. I wasn't anxious at all because I thought I was ready for I was expecting to see mine stop at 75 and majority of my classmates. But it didn' kept on going and going...beyond 100, 150, I was planning to do all 265 questions.

    However, it stopped at 185 and the screen went blue! After test, I felt horrible thinking that I might have failed this test since I went a lot longer than my classmates who passed NCLEX. First day after test seems like 1 year to me. I was going crazy, terrified and didn't want to talk to anyone.

    Two of my friends who already passed NCLEX told me to try pearsonvue trick if I couldn't wait for the quick result. So I tried PV trick and I got a good pop up. After I got good pop-up, I was able to breathe and function as a normal person.

    After 48 hours, when I check the quick result, I found out that I passed. So for those of you, who are going crazy after test, please try PVT. It will keep you from going insane.

    posted on 2/6/2013
    Last edit by ZPZGI on Feb 6, '13 : Reason: adding date
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    I agree. It worked for me too. Found out my quick results today and I passed!
    Congrats to all who passed as well
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    Good pop up worked for me license just posted today.
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    I just took it in FL February 11th 2013. Got the "good pop up" right when I walked out of the testing center. Checked it again a couple of hours later. The next morning at 8am the result was on the FL DOH website. I got my license in the mail this week.
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    I took my exam 3/22 and had 75 questions. Checked my results via the PVT about 2 hours later and received the good pop up. My unofficial results became available 3/24 and it confirmed that I passed.
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    Hi dear am sweating please advise. Which books and study guide did you use? Am going to face it for a second time

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