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This poll is a follow on from the pearsonvue trick poll which asks if you got good or bad pop up. Please do not post any questions in here regarding the pearsonvue trick, they will be deleted, please post them in the relevant... Read More

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    It worked! I PASSED the Nclex RN!!
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    Finished the test in 75 questions yesterday and thought for SURE I failed the test. I felt like I had no idea on more than half of my questions. Got home and tried the PVT tick and ... good pop up. I didn't want to believe it so I tried all night!! This morning, I checked the BON website and I passed. The PVT works! Good luck to everyone taking the NCLEX this summer.
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    I live in North Idaho and tested in Spokane, Washington on June 6th. Completed 75 questions and was NOT feeling good about my chances. As soon as I got home I got the good pop-up. Today, quick results indicated I passed. I've been reading about this trick for years and am thrilled that it really works!
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    worked for me 6/19/12
    has also worked for classmates
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    Ok I've been on allnurses for years but never really posted...I HAVE to post today because I've been reading about the 'trick' for a while..even sharing it with friends. Well I am truly a witness that the PVT works! Took the test Thursday 6/21 and I honestly didn't feel it was 'too' bad but I guessed a lot and had lots of SATA's..stopped at 76 questions..although I was nervous to see what pop up I got but I just HAD to..I have faith in God and I've prayed about this test so I just trusted my 'gut'. Got the good pop up! I just about cried, screamed, and praised God! But finally today quick results confirmed..I passed! I love this site!! Thanks to the nurses who take time out to help the rest of us..and it's time to pay it forward! So whatever I can do to help someone, just let me know! P.S. the AN study guide is great..whoever made it! God bless and good luck to all future nurses!
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    The pearson vue trick really works! After 75 questions i just found out through the FL BON website that i passed. About an hour after ending my exam i did the pearson trick and got the pop up "records indicate you have recently registered for this test please contact Bon. An appointment can not be scheduled at this time." Want to wish everyone waiting for results and those who are taking it in the future the best of luck!
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    Worked for me, took Nclex on August 1st and got the official results today Tried the trick an hour after my exam and got the good pop up
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    I took my test Monday and got the good pop up! I thought I totally failed, I had all 265 questions. But Today I received my license number!

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    Totally worked! Good popup when I tried an hour after the test, and I just got my pass results. I'm an RN!
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    Quote from dianthekim
    Totally worked! Good popup when I tried an hour after the test, and I just got my pass results. I'm an RN!
    How will you do it?

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