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This poll is a follow on from the pearsonvue trick poll which asks if you got good or bad pop up. Please do not post any questions in here regarding the pearsonvue trick, they will be deleted, please... Read More

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    just took it this morning. 75 questions. took me barely 90 minutes. people warned me that you walk out not knowing how to feel, and its true. i felt that it was easy, but then again..... maybe i just read every question wrong and failed the hell out of that mutha lol!!!

    anyway, i did the pvt and got the good pop up. so im hoping!!! i'll post back when i get my quick results. boy - i feel terrible for all you California NCLEXers who have to wait weeks for your results. why you arent offered the quick result option is beyond me!!!


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    Worked for me and 5 others!
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    Worked for me!! Took the test 4/13.. got the good pop-up about an hour after I finished. Paid for the quick results & I passed
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    Worked for me too, took exam 4/11, got a good pop like 45mins after taking it. Got 75 questions, lots of SATA....checked the BON next day my name and license # was on there..its a good feeling
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    PVT worked for me! Took the NCLEX yesterday morning, got the "good" pop up yesterday afternoon and to day my license is posted on the BON website. Wow!!! Considering I was sure I failed....I had tough questions, meds I'd never heard of, tons of SATA, and stuff I never thought to study. I felt like I was guessing more than 50%. When I got the good pop up I was skeptical, but it really seems legit. Think about it, Pearson Vue doesn't know if you know your offical (or quick) results yet, so if you are registering for a new test as though you officially failed, it has to let you (if you really did fail). If you passed, it can't let you. I'm a believer!
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    This trick definitely works. I took the NCLEX-RN on 5/7/12 and an hour after I finished the exam I tried the PVT and got the "good" pop up. Today (5/9/12) I got my results through quick result and I passed!!!! Everyone that I know that has used this trick, has found it to be accurate.
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    I took the test last thursday ,I tried the trick and I received the good pup up,when I checked my name at my BON I can't find any license on my name.Is it possible?
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    Worked for me and a friend... on a saturday... minutes after exam!
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    Worked for me! I Took the PCLEX PN in CA and tried PVT an hour after testing, I got the pop up but I felt like Id be one of the only people that it wont work for! Got my letter today
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    I really hope this trick works- I had 145 questions and felt like I guessed on all on all of them!! I am so stressed- but I got the "good pop-up" Got my fingers crossed.....

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