Pearson Vue unscheduled my exam.

  1. Pearsonvue sent an email stating that my exam has been unscheduled. I freaked out and called the 866 number. Come to find out my testing center is closed because of repairs from Hurricane Sandy. But then now I have to travel 2 hours away and actually stay over night at a hotel since my exam is at 8am ( I don't want to be rushing in the morning ). My original exam was in the afternoon and the testing center was only 10 minutes away. I'm trying to stay positive. I hope this is a blessing in disguise. What if I never got the email, they should have called. My test was supposed to be on the 27th. Now it's moved to second week in January. Mind you there was only 2 days out of the whole month available in january. My ATT expires in FEB! What if there were no available dates january? They shouldnt have let me schedule my exam for that site then. grrrr! sorry just venting out.
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