Pearson Vue Trick NCLEX-RN Dec. 2013

  1. Can anybody confirm if this still works to determine whether or not you passed?

    I took my test yesterday (Dec. 27th), tried to re-register, and received the "good pop-up"(our boards indicate...).
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  3. by   debstud
    I took my test Dec 23rd, 30 minutes later I tried the Pearson Vue trick and also recieved the GOOD Pop up. I continued trying it all day. On Dec 27th I recieved my license via post office. So unless you recieve the credit card screen ( which means you failed) the good pop up is a sign you passed the NCLex
  4. by   BGforlife
    I took my exam today & tried the pvt 30 mins and 4 hrs later but I got the "results on hold" pop up so I'm still worried. The first time I took it I got the cc screen so I'm not sure. I wonder if takn it on a Sat makes a diff. My nerves are shot right now
  5. by   Casuncion11
    I was able to pay for fast results today (12/29), and the good pop-up was correct. I did indeed pass, it feels good to have finally overcome this challenge. This was my third nclex-rn attempt.
  6. by   Our.Inn
    A classmate of mine had her results on hold for almost a week because her name was spelled incorrectly somewhere along the line. She passed but it was definitely a nerve-wracking week for her! Hang in there.
  7. by   Jayne47
    Congratulations! PVT still works. I'm in Cali too, took NCLEX-RN 12/12/13 did the PVT & got the good pop up! Board of Nursing-Posted my Name with license no Dec 23, 2013 and I got my RN certificate and RN license today in the mail 12-30-31.