Pearson Quick Results...

  1. 0 So I'm not so sure what the point is for some states.

    I know people who found out on the state website they passed and Pearson still says their results aren't available.

    Is it possible Pearson Quick Results is broken?

    It just seems weird.
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    With my LPN license the bon had the results in the same time as I could have paid for the unofficial results from Pearson so when I took my RN I didn't bother and again the bon had it as quickly. Always trying to save a couple of bucks, lol.
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    My state BON doesn't have Quick Results so I had to wait a week after my exam to find out that I had passed. The wait was much shorter when I failed the first time. It's been said before that it depends on the state. There are other posters who've found out that they passed by going to their state's BON site 48 hours after the exam (sometimes sooner) when Quick Results weren't showing up fast enough.

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