Passed with 75Q, My Kaplan Scores and Study Plan!

  1. Hey everyone,

    New member here interested in decreasing worries about people who have to take the NCLEX soon.

    I graduated on May 19th, 2013. I took Kaplan the week before graduation, and sat for my NCLEX exam on July 17th (And took a break in between graduation and studying). 1 Month of Studying and 75Q later, I got the blue screen, and two days later my name was on the PA BON website and PASS was present on Pearson's.

    I wanted to share my Kaplan Scores, and my study plan and hope it helps you.

    Diagnostic: 55%
    Readiness: 51.7%

    Q1: 54.7%
    Q2: 61.3%
    Q3: 60%
    Q4: 56.7%
    Q5: 67.3%
    Q6: 62.5%
    Q7: 58.1%

    I did 890 questions out of the QBank with an average of 65%.

    As you see, both my diagnostic and readiness score weren't above 60% (and my scores besides Q5 were never really much higher than the low 60's) and my Q7 was not above 60% yet I passed.

    I felt that Kaplan was much harder than NCLEX, and NCLEX was focused on Prioritization, Infection Control, Delegation, and Med Surg.

    I felt that Kaplan prepared me the best for this exam. Starting on June 15th, I began doing approximately 50-150 questions a day. I would sit and go through each question, read the rationale, and write down what I had missed for questions that would go wrong. I did Q1 and Q2 during my week long class before graduation, and then periodically did the rest of my question trainers. I never felt 100% for the exam, but I decided after finishing all of the question trainers I would take it.

    Besides using Kaplan, I used Mosby's Comprehensive Exam Book to read through and refresh through my psych, pediatrics, OB and med surg. But, honestly just knowing how to answer the questions on NCLEX really helped me.

    Just take your time, try to take a deep breathe and relax before you take your exam. You can pass it!
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    Thank you for the help.
  4. by   PrettyLady87
    This is by far one of the best posts I have read! I have been sleeping, eating, and breathing Kaplan for 4 weeks already! My test is on the Nov 12th and I also feel better prepared by Kaplan because they are teaching me how to pick the correct answers! At least 5 questions I get correct but not for the right rationale. This is my progress thus far:
    My QBank is at a 48% but that's bc my comp shut off during one of my tests and scored me a 36% for it
    I am a first time test-taker btw
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