Passed NCLEX RN Exam, finally

  1. 0 I am very happy to state that I passed the NCLEX RN exam after the 3rd try. I very much appreciate everyone who posts here and especially their words of encouragement for test takers and for us repeat takers in particular. I will like to let all repeat takers know that they should not lose hope or feel that they will never accomplish success. For the fact that I did it all of them will.

    Do the best you can and pray for Divine favor. Goodluck.
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    Awesome!!! Congrats!!! I'm preparing mine for my third attempt.. I wish I pass too..
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    Thanks jpinay28. You will pass too. Just have faith in God. When are you taking the test? I wish you luck.
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    When did you take the test? I have failed twice and now I have to retake the exam with the new changes.
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    Congratulations what resources did you used?
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    Hi jax2442. I took the test in December. Have faith. I failed twice and passed on the third time. You will, too.
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    congratulations! post some tips please
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    Hi Galapagos, I used Exam Cram, Kaplan 2012-2013 edition, Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination 5e, some free online questions (*******.com) and I attended a review class. I wish you luck.
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