Passed NCLEX RN!!

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    I am so excited!! I took the test on 03/29 (before all the scary changes LOL) and just saw my name on the BON website!!! I studied for about 2 months. I was terrified about getting 265 questions, so i took my time on the first 75 and was praying for the screen to shut of at 75! It worked!! Tons of SATA on my test.. Was not so hard like I thought.. i took the Kaplan course for international nurses and that helped me a lot! Because i graduated in 2005 I forgot so much content! And i graduated outside the US. Another obstacle. So i got the transcripts from my school, passed the TOEFL and now the NCLEX! I believe that everything happens for a reason, and for those of you who are repeat test takers, do not give up!Keep telling yourself that you WILL BE AN RN, and believe it you will be! Good luck to everyone!

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    Congrats nurse!
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    Congrats to u..
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    What are the topics you encountered?
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    congratulations !!!
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    Congratulations Ana Claudia I'm a foreign graduated,can you share any tips to pass the nclex I fail my second attempt sad here,my email
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    Congratulations RN!
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    congratulations RN. Im also a foreign grad. took it 3.28 and passed with 75q... Ive got similar experience with you. :-)
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    I m also international grad and took nclex on 28/3 an passed now i m preparing for juri but i donot have any idea abt juri .help me plz.

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