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Took NCLEX-RN on 3/13 and have been getting the good pop up ever since. I felt the test was difficult. Def not easy at all. Test shut off at 75questions for me. I was pretty sure I passed but... Read More

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    congrats!tnx for the post...Godbless!
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    yes. kewlnurse2b, I was extra nervous and scared when Kaplan came to visit my school and informed me that the bar will be set higher effective 4/1/13....I graduate in May... which means it includes me....I mean I am just goign to study hard and think positive. Good luck to you.
  4. by   futurenurse809
    hey alc, congrats on taking you exam pretty soon. I am so happy for you. I graduate May 10. So, I will be talking my exam shortly after. How have you been preparing? DUDERNGUY shared a lot of good ideas. good luck to you.
  5. by   livingthelife
    Good Afternoon
    I took the RN NCLEX exam and did the Pearson trick and it directed me to pay. I cried and afterwards prayed. God have my life map out. I honestly can say that I studied a great deal but its God's timing for my life. I won't quit and will dive in there and retake the exam again. I don't know what the pop up is.

    Please share what the pop up is.


    We all will make it and can do it, do not allow a test failure stress you out. God have our life already map out all we have to do is study and show up and it will be done. The next time I am on I will be gladd to say I've passed my RN NCLEX exam.
  6. by   iamrachelbb
    hi.. im a graduate of BSN from the philippinesfor a while now and haven't had the chance to take the nclex yet, i want to ask if you have any info's or suggestions or if you know any sites that can help me take refesher course. i am in NJ now and it would be so nice if you can give me infos. thanks..
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    Can u tell me please what is data.congrats.
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    Hi I from Connecticut.this week I will take rn exam.give your advise and suggestions.thanks
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  10. by   DUDERNGUY
    Quote from jeenabij
    Hi I from Connecticut.this week I will take rn exam.give your advise and suggestions.thanks
    hope you did well bumping my thread to help others.
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    Wow! Necro post! But, it is still excellent to have because your original post (and the other AN guide) is very resourceful. I bookmarked both of these pages.
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    Amen for I am also in your boat. Studied and prayed. I know my testimony will be great next time.
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    Necro bump but maybe good info for someone Sata means select all that apply. A certain type of test question