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PASSED NCLEX-PN -- My success &tips!

  1. 0 Hey guys,
    I just received my letter in the mail today and it's official that I am an LVN! Let me start off by saying thank you to those who's given me encouraging words on this forum, even in times of doubt I found a lot of comfort from this site to connect and relate to all of you!

    I passed NCLEX with my SECOND TRY. My school was complete GARBAGE, and told us the exam would be everything BUT WHAT IT REALLY WAS. So my first time I failed I received the letter a week later, I took the page where it shows where you were almost to passing standard and where you were below and I took that to study THOSE SECTIONS over again. I sent in the check and re-application that very day so when I had received my ATT for the second time I would be ready to schedule the following week. My ATT was approved to be scheduled any date after 12/08. I took the exam that following monday (12/10) Both times it took me to 205 questions only the second time around I cracked the code on how to analyze and answer the questions on what they were REALLY asking.

    I was lucky enough to have an amazing study buddy throughout this entire time in which we pushed each other to finish what we both had started. She too passed on her second time. DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE. I've read on here many people take it 6 to 9 times and still refuse to give up, keep that spirit alive.

    I was raised by a single hard working mother who I've only known to work the minimum of AT LEAST 2 jobs since she came to this country, growing up was never luxurious and my mother sold what she had left of her jewelry to get me through nursing school. I was a trouble child growing up and high school and afterwards didnt make it any easier for her. I had an epiphany to finally get my life straight and wanted a career helping those mentally, physically and all around spiritually. I am a high school drop out and I chose this field to touch lives as my mother has for me. My mother is the best nurse I will ever know and meet because she did what she could to make me well despite the rough patches we've had and as nurses we pave that road for patients even if they don't think we're helping them. In the long run, we heal and I pray the next generation of nurses has heart and passion to make this field excel beyond limits of human health and prosperity.

    Materials I used for NCLEX:
    • PEARSON MARY HOGAN-PN BOOK &CD-ROM(The nurse's note pamphlet helped A TON, I would read the section I was doing questions from before doing the quizzes)
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    Congrats!!! I plan on taking my test as soon as i graduate (Feb8) again congrats to you on your accomplishment
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    What a awesome story to tell fellow nurses who are studying harder everyday , but still having problems passing this exam. Thanks for the encouraging words. Congrats.
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    Quote from TanishaW
    Congrats!!! I plan on taking my test as soon as i graduate (Feb8) again congrats to you on your accomplishment
    Thank you so much &an early congrats when you graduate and all the best of luck for your NCLEX!
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    Quote from jole05
    What a awesome story to tell fellow nurses who are studying harder everyday , but still having problems passing this exam. Thanks for the encouraging words. Congrats.
    Thank you so much! (:
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    1.DO NOT over do it. If you're cramming 10 hours study days 5 to 6 days a week, SLOW DOWN. My first time studying for the NCLEX I was over loaded and didn't know what to do with myself. Essentially my second time studying I probably studied 5 to 6 hours a day for a week before my actual exam and really focusing on the questions that the Pearson CD offered.

    2.DO NOT TOUCH A SINGLE BOOK OR STUDY MATERIAL THE DAY BEFORE YOUR EXAM. Even though the day before it was all I could think about having a day off and doing what made me happy most really helped get me amped for the day to come. YOU NEED YOUR ENERGY SO SAVE IT

    3.What ever you do do not panic. My classmate and I set up a study schedule for the week before, each day we took one subject and studied just that the days we studied. So it didn't feel like we over crammed our minds and being all over the spectrum with nursing.

    4.READ THE QUESTION. My entire time in the LVN program so many nurses and my instructors would always tell us to REALLY READ the question and I never understood until the first time I failed. The board asks you questions that fall into the main categories. Yeah the questions are on specific subcategories but the answer you choose can fall into infection control, risk reduction etc. UNDERSTAND these main block categories and how it should be answered. Pearson book did a great job if outlining this.


    *USE THE EAR BUDS THEY PROVIDE YOU! It blocks out the annoying buzz silence makes when the room is so still or other people near you tapping away on their keyboards. My first time taking it I didn't use them and I could barely focus. I used the ear buds the second time and I could literally just hear my own voice in my mind reading the questions, then options then going through the nursing process to answer them. Seriously, huge difference.

    *Passed questions 85? And still going? Take a freakin break! The first time I didn't take a single break even when the computer offered. And I believe it just discouraged me even more and made me not focus on the questions because the number of questions were getting higher. The second time around when I reached 86 I told myself if I reach 120 I'd take a break. And I did just that, grabbed a cup of water walked to the bathroom and took a deep breath. When they brought me back to the computer I was ready to take on the rest of 85 questions if that what it took to prove I was worthy of being a nurse!

    *breakfast? All I had was coffee. My body is naturally not into breakfast since I could remember so not eating was norm to me. DO WHAT IS NATURAL FOR YOU IN THE MORNINGS. If you're a 8 course breakfast meal woman or man do so before the exam, if not then don't. The whole point is to do your normal routine before the exam as possible to make you more calm when you sit in front of that computer.

    All hell breaks loose after that, do what you want haha. I grabbed my things as soon as they checked me out and went to the bathroom right down the hall to do the PVT. Then crying when I got the good pop up as a woman in a stall awkwardly waited for me to leave to finish her business.

    Hope this helps!
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    I first came to before taking the NCLEX-RN. Let me tell you, everyone scared me half to death and made me more nervous from their stories..(so nervous I couldnt open the testing center door- it said push and I was pulling, didnt know which was my index finger and couldnt lock my locker). I never get test anxiety but reading this forum def made me crazy and anxious. I cried after the exam and I never cry over exams. Sooo, I'm going to help other students and share how I studied and passed the first time.

    -If your school uses HESI, make notecards of all the HESI hints. These are great general points to know. (We were told to do this for our exit hesi so mine were already made)
    -Go through La Charity for priority questions because their are a ton of priority questions
    -Buy the NCLEX-RN exam cram practice question book. It has five exams, 250 questions each. It also comes with the questions on a cd.
    -Go over basic procedures. For me I also went over isolation rules.
    -Take a practice CAT test. It shuts off after so many questions you answer and is a good predictor of how youll do on the nclex (so ive heard)

    I studied for a week straight. Since my school did an exit HESI, it was more reviewing the notecards than studying. I probably did about 600 practice questions and the day before the exam looked over techniques and procedures.

    On the nclex youll get select all that apply questions. Best advice given to me was to take each statement as true/false statements.

    Advice: Have confidence in yourself. Take your time. The nclex is straightforward and is not trying to trick you unlike other nursing exams. You will be fine..after all you made it thru nursing school. If you have to take it again, itll only make you a better nurse Good luck!

    Ps. One of my old professors said peppermint helps your memory before you take the exam, maybe you should drink a peppermint hot chocolate from starbucks worked for me
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    Great tips!
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    Congratulations! I used MaryAnn Hogan for NCLEX RN as my primary resource, too!
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    My test is this saturday :/ did you only use pearson's mary hogan pn book and cd-rom to study?
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    Quote from begosh
    Congratulations! I used MaryAnn Hogan for NCLEX RN as my primary resource, too!
    Thank you!! I found it really great material!
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    Quote from kirsrenee
    My test is this saturday :/ did you only use pearson's mary hogan pn book and cd-rom to study?
    Yes just the CD and book, I read the nurses notes pamphlet that came with the book and read the section I was doing questions from before taking the 100 question quizzes. Then my last day of studying I combined all categories and scored high 60-mid 70s on the quizzes

    Good luck this weekend!
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    Mary hogan book didn't comes with cd. they provided a number code in which you
    could register for 1 year of using their pearson website. Anyway congratulations. I will try my best next time to nail down that nclex pn questions.